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What is time?

This website is a fun and educational resource all about time. On our pages you'll find world times, print friendly calendars, an online alarm and stopwatch, countdown timers and even quizzes and historical time facts.

What is time? To most of us time is simply 'what our clock or watch reads' and the continued progress of events and existence. These events occur in irreversible succession (unless you believe in time travel?) from the past through the present to the future. Time has always been an important and often perplexing subject to scholars of science, philosophy and religion.

As science progesses time is seen as part of the fundamental structure of the universe and dimension independent of events. In physics and mathematics time is referred to as the fourth dimension and is used to define other quantities such as aceleration or velocity. It also plays a massive part in industry and sport - everybody knows who the fastest man of the planet is!!

Prague's atronomical clock
The oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still working
- the Old Town City Hall in Prague

Historically, time is a fascinating subject from man's earliest attempts with shadow clocks and sundials in Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy, right through to the invention of the marine chronometer by English carpenter and clockmaker John Harrison. And did you know that in Great Britain 1752 was thus a short year with only 355 days as the Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar. But more of that on our facts page.

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